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About Us

EMO: The jewelry you can wear all day, every day.

There is jewelry you wear only once in a while. They're just too fragile, too precious, and too darn expensive. There is also jewelry that irritates your skin. There is also jewelry that looks nice and shiny, but is guaranteed to tarnish and oxidize over time.

And then there's EMO.

EMO Jewelry is made out of the highest grade of surgical stainless steel. Our items are 99.9% hypo-allergenic, making them ideal for people who are highly acidic or have hyper sensitive skin.

Frankly speaking, EMO is the jewelry you can wear all day, every day. You can wear our items to work, or even to the beach. Lovingly created using the highest grade of 316L stainless steel, EMO Jewelry is very durable --- our products are 2.5x harder than gold and 2x stronger than silver --- and with proper care, will last you a very long time. Unlike silver, our products will never tarnish. Some even say, our jewelry look and feel very similar to that of white gold, making them a perfect complement to any for night or for day outfit.

Check out our lovely collections of carefully crafted EMO jewelry at From anklets to wedding rings, EMO has got it all.