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Social Impact

Job Creation

EMO is committed to giving back to the Filipino community by employing 100% Filipinos, most of whom are single mothers and breadwinners. We firmly believe that job creation is the best way we can serve our country, and it is always better to teach people how to fish, instead of feeding them fish every day.

That’s why, we have no age, weight, face or height limits when employing our sales staff. Many of our employees are only high school graduates as they do not have the funds to continue furthering their education. Many had to enter the job market at a younger (yet legal) age as they support their siblings to finish schooling first.

However, through patient training, a stable income, and performance-based compensation, many of our sales staff’s confidence starts to grow as they slowly but surely start to believe that they CAN. Beauty and confidence can only shine from within, and through working together as a family, EMO Jewelry has brought in the Philippines beautiful everyday, everywhere jewelry you can wear for any occasion.

Love the Children Foundation

Love the Children Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization in Davao City that provides educational programs that promote the total well-being of underprivileged children, while following Bible-based principles in formulating the children’s value system. To date, EMO has helped the Love the Children Foundation in two concrete ways:

1. EMO provides financial assistance for building and beautifying its Blessed Living Church, and supporting some of its community projects.

2. EMO distributes these handmade pendants that’s made by the young female orphans of the Love the Children Foundation.

These pendants are made out of locally-sourced gemstones and are perfectly matched them with EMO surgical stainless steel chains. When you buy any of these beautiful Love the Children necklaces, all proceeds (minus a minimal cost of overhead) is given to the Love the Children Foundation to support their orphanage and other livelihood projects.


To donate or to help even more, you can email them at